How to Download and Install the SPEC support into Sphinx

use package manager

Use one of these methods to get specdomain from

pip install -U sphinxcontrib-specdomain


easy_install -U sphinxcontrib-specdomain

install from source

  1. download from the subversion repository
  2. install into Python
  3. test the installation
Requires [1]
  • Python 2.7 or greater
  • Sphinx 1.1.1 or greater


Retrieve the support package from our subversion repository:

svn co /tmp/specdomain


Continuing from the download above, use the setup tools to install the package somewhere on your PYTHONPATH (you may need admin rights to install into your Python). This command shows how to install into Python’s site-packages directory:

cd /tmp/specdomain
python install


[1]The developer used Python 2.7.2 and Sphinx 1.1.2 while writing this support. Older versions may work but have not been tested.